Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OXYGEN Clothing

     Hip-Trendy-Weird-Cool-Dark ...That's how I describe Oxygen clothing.
I did not like Oxygen before but now I love oxygen. I used to wear polo shirts or plain shirts, jeans and sneakers but I want to look different at times and that's when I need Oxygen fashion. Check this Polo Shirt I got, it's really cool. Kinda chef-looking uniform but it's really nice. :)

And if you want to add more style to it, just unbutton it and it will look like this

Thursday, June 23, 2011

FISH18 clothing store

Lately I have been getting attracted to oddly designed clothes. And I discovered this store called FISH18.
I was just strolling around at a mall in the metro and saw this store because one of the clothes in display is an unsual top, well kind of (was not able to take a picture of the top though). But the store's style is cool, hip and trendy, some unusual stuff but wearable for everyday use, not sure if it's Japanese inspired, regardless, they have nice fashionable clothes to wear. They also have normal shirts with cool prints, cool pants, I loved most of their stuff. Aside from that, prices are affordable.

Visit them at SM North Edsa The Block Level 3.

Moda Adicto : Fashion Addict

Since the time that I dressed up nicely, I think that was when I was 15 yrs old I got a lot of praises and compliment saying I look nice and to keep dressing up like that, and that's the time I got addicted to fashion and I realized fashion is my thing, well sort of I guess because I'm not that fashion enthusiast YET but hopefully will somehow be known for it, but even if not, I will still continue working on it my own way. 
That's why I'm doing this blog to feature everything I know, I will learn, I will discover in fashion.